Andrea Piccioni is recognized as one of the leaders worldwide on frame drums. He is author of a technical and stylistic renewal on the Italian Tamburello, has crossed with his style the boundaries of jazz, world, and early music. He is touring worldwide with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Gianluigi Trovesi, Basel Rajoub, Luciano Biondini, Manfred Leuchter, Lucilla Galeazzi, Les Haulz et les Bas, Caitrìona O’Leary, Donàl Lunny and Wu Man. He is a popular teacher at major festivals, universities and conservatories around the world as well. Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language.

His musical collaborations include:
World Music: Nidi D’arac, Unavantaluna, Indaco, Lucilla Galeazzi, Masters of Frame Drums (Velez, Fresco, Coskun, Piccioni), Caitríona O'Leary and Dúlra (IRL), Donàl Lunny (IRL), Wu Man (CHINA), Homayun Sakhi (AFG) Jazz: Antonio Calogero, Ensemble Fisfuz (GE)), Paul McCandless (USA), Giovanni Palombo, Manfred Leuchter (GE), Gabriele Coen, Luciano Biondini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Bobby McFerrin (USA) Early Music: Freiburger Spielleyt (GE), Orlando Di Lasso Ensemble (GE), Les Haulz Et Les Bas (GE), eX (IRL)
Theater/Dance: Lucia Poli, Giorgio Rossi “Edipo e la Pizia”; Joachim Schloemer “Engel der Verzweiflung”(AU/GE).

In 2014 Andrea start a cooperation with AGA KHAN MUSIC INSTITUTE, with whom he collaborated in musical projects alongside world-famous soloists and ensemble, and as a educator at universities, conservatories and music institute all over the world.
In 2015 Andrea was in tour in Europe with the legendary jazz singer BOBBY MCFERRIN.

“… anyone inured to the tambourine because of the unimaginative ‘shake and rattle’ way in which it’s usually misplayed will have had their ears stretched wide by Andrea Piccioni’s virtuoso playing of it and frame drums. Especially in his solo, Piccioni coaxed an astonishing range of timbres and rhythms from his drums with everything from rapid strumming to running a wet finger over the skin to produce wineglass-like drones…”
Julian Maynard-Smith (Classical Source, London - UK)
“Andrea Piccioni has created (...) an important contribution to the information on frame drumming. Italian percussionists are at the forefront of the current excitement around the unique qualities of the frame drum and Andrea, as a leading performer and educator in this field, has created a valuable tool for all drummers and musicians interested in learning more about frame drumming”
Glen Velez
"O Andrea Piccioni toca aquele pandeiro típico da Italia, com uma técnica que usa as costas da mão. Ele é uma enciclopédia musical, um profundo conhecedor de todos os ritmos do Oriente Médio. Toca com muita força, com uma velocidade astronômica e também canta!"
Marcos Susano
“..un maestro assoluto dei tamburi a cornice…“ /
"…an absolute master on frame drums…"
(Musica Jazz)

Womad London (UK,) Womad Abu Dhabi (UEA), Royal Albert Hall (UK), Wigmore Hall (UK), Auditorium "Parco Della Musica (Roma, Italia), Mumbai Royal Opera House (India), Portugal Parliament (Portugal), Norway Parliament (Norway), United Nations (Swiss), Beijing Opera House (China), London Jazz Festival (UK), Istanbul Jazz Festival (Turkey), Jaipur Literature Festival (India), Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival (Israel), Spring Festival (Lebanon, Tunisia), Bimhuis (Holland), Institut du Monde Arab (France), Mela Festival (Norway), Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sweden), St. Moritz Jazz Festival (Swiss), Chamonix "Cosmo" Jazz Festival (France), Cully Jazz Festival (Swiss), Festival di Ravello (Italia), Montalbane Early Music Festival (Germany)…

(Just few of many, many concerts…)


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Aga Khan Music Initiative
Since 2014 Andrea started a collaboration with the prestigious AGA KHAN MUSIC INITIATIVE, part of the Aga Khan Foundation based in Geneva, CH.
The Aga Khan Music Initiative presents a rare artistic encounter that both celebrates and reimagines time-honoured musical meetings as the Initiative’s leading artists perform a newly-created repertoire of compositions, improvisations and contemporary arrangements inspired by tradition. This group of music innovators demonstrates the transmission of ancient musical traditions to a talented generation of performers who are developing them in new directions, exemplifying musical creativity that has historically been inspired by the meeting of cultures.
This six-artist line up brings together some of AKMI’s most beloved artists-performers from Afghanistan, China, Italy and Syria- for a performance arranged for a unique combination of instruments which represent the Eastern and Western ends of the historical Silk Route as well as ancient and contemporary musical cultures.
These include the pipa, an instrument introduced to China in ancient times that originated in Central Asia; qanun, a core member of any Arabic taht; Afghan rubab, considered the national instrument of Afghanistan but also used among Kabuli musicians to perform Indian classical music; tabla, the best known Indian percussion instrument; a variety of frame drums, one of the most ubiquitous instruments in the Muslim world; and saxophone, a European invention that has become a universal instrument used by musicians from South India to South Africa to perform myriad forms of traditional, fusion and contemporary music.


MASTERS OF FRAME DRUMS. Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco, Murat Coskun, Andrea Piccioni
Four internationally renowned master percussionists join and do, what they can do best: DRUMMING!
Glen Velez (USA), Zohar Fresco (Israel), Andrea Piccioni (Italy) and Murat Coşkun (Germany/Turkey) meet for a “summit of frame drums” and present their unique and literally border crossing project.
Glen Velez is said to be the „Lord of the Frame Drums“, not only because of his 5 Grammy Awards. Furthermore, for many people he is sort of a living legend, for he inspired thousands of percussionists worldwide with his play. He sort of revolutionized frame drum playing like no one before. A living legend without equal, who has been casting a spell over his audience for decades!
Zohar Fresco is also an important and exceptional percussionist. Because of his individual, highly creative and multifaceted play, the Israeli drummer is rated to be the „Virtuoso of Frame Drums“. His innovative and very present play classifies him as a master of his art. Concerning sound, he always comes up with surprising tones and fascinates his audience at any time.
Andrea Piccioni, is the „Maestro of Tamburello Total“. Hardly no one masters the Italian tambourine play like he does, when breathing new life into these ancient instruments. His groove on the tambourines is constantly convincing, no matter if he tours with Bobby Mc Ferrin or links Italian traditions together with musicians from Arabia.
Murat Coşkun, the „Dervish of Frame Drums“ is a musical ambassador, who unifies with his projects the most diverse cultures worldwide. He scoops his inspirations from the tradition of the Sufi music, and introduces these facets of the frame drums into the quartet, by means of his sensitive, and at the same time imaginative play.
The four musicians offer a program full of contrasts, moving between compositions and improvisations. They engender a firework of rhythms and grooves. Unexpected sounds and changing atmospheres let arise intense and contemplative moments, alternating with humorous performances.Their first common tour, eagerly awaited by all the lovers of percussion!

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Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 forwarding expences)

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Basel Rajoub (saxophone, duclar) – Feras Charestan (qanun), Andrea Piccioni (frame drums, percussion)

Soriana. Contemporary Music from the Orient (Syria, Italy)

Inspired by the rich heritage of oriental and Arabic music, this project aims to explore the musical possibilities created by mixing improvisation techniques and by the use of occidental and oriental instruments. A dialogue across borders and cultures that is ever more important in our times.
Soriana is part-composed, part-improvised. It combines myriad melodic modes and microtonal subtleties of Arabic music, contemporary music, generating a sublime mix of spontaneity and control rooted in a thousand-year- old tradition of improvisation.


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Riccardo Tesi, Patrick Vaillant, Andrea Piccioni

Riccardo Tesi, organetto (diatonic accordion)
Patrick Vaillant, mandolin
Andrea Piccioni, frame drums, percussion

Il duo Tesi/Vaillant, che negli anni novanta sorprese le platee internazionali grazie ad una musica coraggiosa e originale, riprende oggi il suo cammino con la complicità di Andrea Piccioni, grande maestro dei tamburi a cornice.
Mandolino, organetto diatonico e tamburello, tre strumenti della tradizione nelle mani di tre autentici virtuosi che ne dilatano a dismisura le possibilità espressive ed il vocabolario.
Tutti e tre condividono lo stesso spirito: quello di una musica strumentale senza frontiere, innovativa e spregiudicata ma con radici ben salde.
Un universo musicale accattivante perché familiare e sorprendente allo stesso tempo.
E così le loro "capanne con vista", ben affacciate sul mediterraneo, diventano il luogo ideale dove assemblare e coltivare le loro utopie sonore.

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"Baroque music between Italy and Spain for Guitar, Theorbo, Lute and Percussion"

Luca Marconato, Baroque Guitar, Theorbo, Lute
Andrea Piccioni, Frame Drums, Percussion

LUCA MARCONATO: Italian musician, born in 1979, has established itself in the field of early music at internationally, performing for major italian and foreign festivals. He works as a soloist and continuo player with such early music ensembles as Concerto Romano, Arte-Musica, Modo Antiquo, La Magnifica Comunità, L'Arte dell'Arco, Quartetto Bernini, Mare Nostrum, Gene Barocco, Tuscan Chamber Orchestra, Musica Antiqua Latina, Orchestra regionale di Roma e del Lazio, Concerto de ' Cavalieri .
He has a brilliant concert career that has led him to perform in major international music festivals, including:
"Resonanzen Fest - Konzerthaus Wien" (Austria),"Salle Gaveau - Paris" (France), "Festival St Ursanne”, "Festival de Saint Germain - Genève" (Switzerland), “Chapelle de la Trinité – Lyon" (France), “Elizabeth the 2nd Queen's Gallery at Holyroodhouse Palace” and “National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh” (Scotland), “Shouson Theatre at Hong Kong Arts Centre” (Hong Kong), Town House (Inverness, Scotland), Tehran and Hamadan Fest (Iran) "Herne Festival" (Germany), "Ritz - Carlton" (Half Moon Bay, CA, USA) , "Lancut - Festival" (Poland), "St Michelle en Thièrache" (France), "Rheingau Musik Festival", "Kempen Festival", "Weimar Fest", "Funkhaus Fest – WDR Koln", "Bad Arolsen Fest" (Germany), "Festival of Two Worlds" – (Spoleto, Italy) , "Rome Baroque Festival", "Le Feste di Apollo" (Parma, Italy), "Viterbo Baroque Festival", "Ischia Music Festival", "Les Fleurs Bleue", "Oratorio del Gonfalone", "National Gallery of Venice Palace",“We are the future” - (Rome, Italy).
He has recorded for many music labels as Naive - Opus 111, Brilliant Classic, CPO, Christophorus - Glossa, Tactus, WDR3, Diapason, Domani Musica, Arcophon - Rivoalto - Pirelli Re, Bongiovanni, Espace 2 (Swiss radio), ORF (Austrian Radio), RAI Radio 3, BBC, RAI2, Vatican Radio, and the Department of Musicology at the University "La Sapienza" (Rome).
Parallel to the concert career Luca Marconato is internationally recognized as a video director for music videoclips, docu- films, commercials and live concerts and as a film music composer.

ANDREA PICCIONI: Andrea Piccioni, a native of Rome, is a master performer on frame drums— single-headed drums, sometimes with jingles, played with the hands rather than with sticks. After mastering the Italian tamburello, Andrea studied frame drum rhythms and performance techniques from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, crossing with his unique style the boundaries of jazz, world, and early music. He is touring worldwide with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Gianluigi Trovesi, Basel Rajoub, Luciano Biondini, Manfred Leuchter, Lucilla Galeazzi, Les Haulz et les Bas, Caitrìona O’Leary, Dònal Lùnny and Wu Man. In parallel he’s a popular teacher at major festivals, universities and conservatories around the world as well. Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language.

Luca Marconato (Theorbo)
Andrea Piccioni (directed by Luca Marconato)

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