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Percussionist,   Educator,   Composer

Percussionist, Educator, Composer

Andrea Piccioni

Andrea Piccioni, a native of Rome, is a master performer on frame drums—single-headed drums, sometimes with jingles, played with the hands rather than with sticks. After mastering the Italian tamburello, Andrea studied frame drum rhythms and performance techniques from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, he has crossed with his style the boundaries of jazz, world, and early music. He is touring worldwide with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Riccardo Tesi, Gianluigi Trovesi, Basel Rajoub, Luciano Biondini, Manfred Leuchter, Lucilla Galeazzi, Les Haulz et les Bas, Caitrìona O’Leary, Donàl Lunny and Wu Man. In parallel he’s a popular teacher at major festivals, universities and conservatories around the world as well. Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language.

" …an absolute master of frame drums." - MUSICA JAZZ MAGAZINE

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Masters of Frame Drums

Duo Barocco

Les haulz et les bas

Riccardo Tesi, Patrick Vaillant, Andrea Piccioni

Workshop, Masterclass

Tamburello in traditional Italian music (Lecture)


MASTERS OF FRAME DRUMS "Fresco, Coskun, Piccioni, Velez"

Elements, their second album, is not only a display of percussionist virtuosity, it is also a jewel of ensemble playing, where melancholy resounds and also music lovers who are not at all fond of drum solos are in their element. Guests are also invited, including Vardan Hovanissian on clarinet and duduk, Emre Gultekin on vocals, and Sanjay Khyapa who provides a humorous piece of cat singing. A sublime album, which also gets better with every turn. Highly recommended!


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Music for Frame Drums

Online courses, detailed videos - lessons, scores of exercises and audio files.

/ TOTAL TAMBURELLO 1: BEGINNER, traditional techniques such as Pizzica-Pizzica, Saltarello, Siciliana, posture and basic development of the instrument. / TOTAL TAMBURELLO 2: INTERMEDIATE, modern technique and instrument development TOTAL TAMBURELLO 3: ADVANCED, bring your playing to the next level.


Recordings/ Videos/ Press

Online Lessons

One-to-one lessons on Zoom/ Skype/ FaceTime/ Meet

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Book/ CD/ Sheet music


On Tour


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Andrea Piccioni, Percussion on SoundBetter

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